The Missing Light review by Shania Waterson

Find out what University of Derby student Shania Waterson had to say about The Missing Light...

The Missing Light was a beautifully presented children’s show, by Make Mend and Do, which used puppets and live animation to portray hopes, dreams, and friendship.

The story followed a woman who looked out to sea for a flashing light every night, in hope to find her long-lost husband, and a man who was curious to discover the mysterious flashing light. They eventually came together and embarked on an adventurous journey across the sea, to discover that the flashing light was coming from a fun fair.

The show was created using puppets. Along the stage were several puppet sets that the actors used throughout the show. They had cameras set up in front of each set, so whichever set they were using with the puppets, could be projected onto a screen at the back of the stage, in order to present the story in a TV-show style.

The live animation fascinated everyone in the audience and was definitely enjoyed by all. It will be great to see what creative shows Make Mend and Do have lined up.