Up 'n' Under - review

By Student Ambassador, Shania Waterson. 

Up ‘n’ Under was a funny, heart-warming and engaging show performed by Fingersmiths and The New Wolsey Theatre. The story was told through speech, sign-language and subtitles, ensuring that the show was accessible and enjoyable for all. As soon as the cast came out, you could tell it was going to be funny and energetic throughout. The entire cast were fun and cheeky, and definitely made sure the audience kept on laughing.

The stage was turned into a rugby stadium and had the script written on a scoreboard, which was updated throughout. Arthur placed a bet with Reg that he could train a rugby team to beat The Cobblers Arms, his own home being the centre of that very bet. Sure enough, Reg gave Arthur the team that had never won a game, The Wheatsheaf Arms, but not only had they not won a game, they were deaf, and Arthur doesn’t sign.

They started training with Hazel, but couldn’t gather enough strength to see them through a session, until they finished their night in the pub. They eventually encourage themselves to train hard so that they can have a victory against The Cobblers Arms.

The game approaches and of course they are extremely nervous. When the match started, the cast wore a rugby kit that had The Wheatsheaf Arms on the front, and The Cobblers Arms on the back. I loved this idea for their kit as it was a really effective and enjoyable way of showing the match take place and the contrast between the gentle Wheatsheaf Arms and violent Cobblers Arms.

The match finished 20-19, so unfortunately The Wheatsheaf Arms didn’t win, but it was their best score by far, and it encouraged them to stick to training and hopefully get a victory one day.

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