One Man, Two Guvnors: Assistant Director Jake’s Diary - "We have a show!"

After studying Theatre Arts at the University of Derby (a course based in Derby Theatre) Jake is now the assistant director of One Man, Two Guvnors. Here, he gives an insight into week 3 of rehearsals and what it is like to be learning new skills on the job. 

Having finished week 3, it is becoming obvious how quickly everything is moving, this week has absolutely flown by!

I can officially confirm we have a show though, next week will be just detailing the work.

I have tried to focus my weekly writing about what I have learnt but as I am sat here writing this, I have Duanne Hannibal stood in front of me learning to play the steel drums. Less than ten days ago he picked up the sticks to the steel drum for the first time and here he is, able to play a full song (which you will witness in the show) and one that I am very excited for everyone to see.

From a personal perspective, I have learnt a lot watching his journey of learning as it is only through his tenacity and determination to spend every free moment practising that he has got to this stage, performance ready.

It has become very apparent from all those that have learnt to play instruments for this show, just how important that self-motivation is with Duanne Hannibal, David O’Reilly and George Kemp all starting their day earlier than everyone else to come in and practice their respective instruments and staying later than even myself to hone their skill.

There is also the small minor detail that we had the band join us this week which in itself was a whole new dynamic to proceedings. The inclusion of live music to the room brought a new life and energy into the space and yes whilst it was a new challenge adding fresh faces into the hierarchy, it was a glorious experience to make new discoveries through the bands creative experience’s, this combined with Adam McCready’s knowledge makes for a delight when it comes to exploration of Foley sounds.

The biggest obstacle has been understanding my place in the production process as whilst making 30% mistakes is acceptable to achieve the best marks in university, in this real world, there can be no mistakes. Studying in a professional working theatre certainly did prepare me for this climate of perfection though I must say, as I knew what would be expected of me. 

One Man, Two Guvnors at Derby Theatre

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One Man, Two Guvnors runs at Derby Theatre from Saturday 7 - Saturday 28 September.