Peter Pan review

Student Ambassador, Ellie Williams, reviews Peter Pan...

For a festive family favourite, get down to Derby Theatre this Christmas!

This theatrical rendition of ‘Peter Pan’ brings the magic to life with the help of fairies, mermaids, pirates and of course ‘The Lost Boys’. Join Peter, Tinker-Bell and Wendy on this fun filled adventure as they journey through ‘Neverland’.

The actor musicians showcased their talents through various songs which got the audience laughing, clapping and singing along. Their effortless use of instruments was beautifully displayed on stage. Guaranteed, the songs and tunes will be stuck in your head whilst leaving the theatre and for weeks after.

Captain Hook in particular stood out to me as a favourite character. Despite his villainous ways, he received rounds of applause, laughter and even the odd, “Awh” from the audience. Despite the use of multi role’s, all the actors portrayed strong characterisation and engaged with the audience. The actors were high in energy and bounced around the stage, which further added to their children’s roles. Furthermore, the young ensemble added a sense of authenticity to the piece. The young actors were a credit to themselves, displaying a high level of confidence and accuracy.

The comedic elements of the script were appealing to both children and adult audiences, which created a fun and inviting atmosphere where we were able to bond with the characters and fly with them through ‘Neverland’ and our re-live childhoods or bring out our childish side.

The epic displays of sword fighting received a great response from the audience, keeping us on our toes in suspense wondering who will win the fight? Hopefully nobody will have to walk the plank and Hook will face his fate.

The costumes and set were beautifully detailed and allowed a true audience immersion into Sarah Brigham’s vision of ‘Neverland’ and the nursery. We were taken from the usual cosy bunk beds of the homely nursery to ‘Neverland’ which was a colourful mess of stings which added depth to the set. The mermaid scene explored a funky ensemble dance routine, along with some very shiny aquatic outfits which all added to the excitement of the play. Captain Hook’s ship was portrayed in a dark manner with a skull at the very front of the stage, along with a plank that teetered out into the audience. If that is not enough, the show features a huge, green ticking crocodile that is on the hunt for Hook to seek his revenge.

Overall, this version of Peter Pan offered a visually pleasing, as well as musically superb performance which preserved our favourite childhood characters and engaged all ages through comedy.

“Everyone grows up, except one”

Peter Pan plays until Saturday 6 January. To find out more and book tickets, see here.