New documentary showcases the Derby school that stayed open during first national lockdown

During the Summer Term of 2020, UK schools closed in response to Covid-19, but Firs Primary School in Derby was able to remain open for some pupils thanks to the Reimagine project.

Derby Theatre, led by their Community and Learning Associate, Tom Craig, and alongside school staff, supported and engaged with pupils by providing teaching provision for the children of key workers over a period of ten weeks.

The children and staff remained in their class ‘bubbles’, with testing administered weekly for the duration of the programme.

A new documentary film captures the outstanding resilience of the young people involved and Firs Primary School’s commitment to their wellbeing and development…

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“It’s been amazing to see the growth of those children and develop their confidence. And certainly here, it’s about teaching the children to aspire and to be inspired by what they see."

Rachel Blurton, Deputy Head Teacher 

This work with Firs Primary School is one of many learning programmes delivered by Derby Theatre that has been made possible by the funding and support of the Reimagine project.

Delivered and produced by Tom Craig (Community & Learning Associate, Derby Theatre) and filmed by Omar Khan.

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Firs in Lockdown

Images taken from 'Firs Primary School in Lockdown' documentary, filmed by Omar Khan.