How To Film Your Creation: Puppet Theatre Tutorial Week 5

In the fifth and final video in our puppet theatre tutorial series, watch how to create a short film using your puppet theatre, set pieces, props and puppets. 

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Scroll down to read the instructions and find out how to share your video creations with us, which we will turn into a music video.

You will need: 

- A phone or camera that can record video

- Your puppet theatre 

- Your puppets 

- Your set pieces 

- Other props you might for your story

Puppet Theatre - Filming - Setting Up

Setting Up

- When filming the action in your puppet theatre, use a flat surface. A table where you can stand behind your puppet theatre is ideal!

- Lay out your puppets and props on each side of your puppet theatre. 

- Puppets and props appearing from the left should be placed on the left, those appearing from the right, placed on the right. 

- Other appearing puppets and props can also be placed behind your puppet theatre.

Puppet Theatre - Filming - Getting Ready To Film

Getting Ready To Film

- Position your device (camera or phone) in front of the puppet theatre on the flat surface.

- Use a tripod or lean it up against something sturdy so it doesn’t wobble. 

- Check what you can see through the camera before you start filming to make sure everything can be seen

- Roll your sleeves up.

- If you have long hair you might want to tie that back too.

- Rehearse: have a practice, film it and watch it back, then you can see what works and what doesn’t, and change things until it is right. 

Puppet Theatre - Filming - Guidelines

Filming Guidelines

- Make sure you film your creations in LANDSCAPE 

- Make sure just your Puppet Theatre box is in shot, backgrounds distract from the action, and we want all eyes on your show! 

- Keep your head, shoulders and face out of frame! 

- Make sure the light is in front of your puppet theatre box: daylight usually works very well.

- Have fun! 

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Sending Us Your Filmed Creation

When you have watched all five tutorial videos and created each part of your puppet theatre you can send us your filmed creations in two ways:

- Send one continuous film 


-Send a series of shorter filmed creations we can edit together. 

To submit your films use the email address:

TOP TIP: If your file is very big we recommend uploading to YouTube and sending us the link or use the free to send the video file.

We will download your filmed creations and edit them together into a music video.

We hope you’ve enjoyed creating your very own puppet theatre, set, puppets and action in this Family Creatives series for #Reimagine2020. 

We look forward to seeing your filmed creations!

You can also share your pictures of puppet theatre making with us on FacebookInstagram or Twitter with #Reimagine2020.