She's A Good Boy Blog: "As a non-binary person I couldn't be invisible anymore"

Theatre maker Elise shared with us their thoughts on She's A Good Boy, an honest, moving and hilarious show which explores non-binary gender using Elise's real life experiences. She's A Good Boy comes to the Studio on Friday 8 February at 8pm.

How would you describe the show?

A one person show that veers between comedy absurdism and heartbreaking realism. This show is the culmination of a lifetime of not fitting, not going 'the right way about things' and refusing to be silent in a box. A fast paced, rebellious call to arms to unite the gender queer community and to sign up allies to our fight. 

Can you tell us a bit about why you made the show and the process of making it?

I suppose I made the show for the younger me who desperately needed it and couldn't find it. I made it for every youth theatre student who ever gave me the privilege of being the first to hear their true identity and true voice. I made this show because as a non-binary person I couldn't be invisible anymore, I couldn't be a responsible role model to my students if I didn't find the bravery to speak up, to fight for visibility, for change, for all of us.

The process was really as simple as convincing the director Emma Williams to come and be in a room with me and trusting in her exceptional ability to craft someones story for the stage whilst always, whole heartedly, keeping the play true to that persons voice. In and around that I workshopped with young people to hear their thoughts on the gender binary, they had a lot! I ate too many mini eggs and drank too much coffee and I listened to my producers who told me to budget for and stay in touch with my brilliant therapist as I poured my heart on to a page. 

Who is the show for?

The show is for everyone. There is a spinal theme of identity that I genuinely believe anyone can access regardless of age, sex or gender. I think the show is a mirror for non-binary people, an allie for the gender queer community and a hand on the back for teens and young adults who are trying to find their tribe.

She's A Good Boy comes to the Studio on Friday 8 February at 8pm.

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