Sophie Whitebrook talks about Spoonface Steinberg

This week at Youth Theatre was about blocking the last little bits and pieces, meaning next week we should be able to do a full run through! After a quick warmup we got started on shadow puppetry, which we are using for a particularly moving section of the script. We experimented at first, seeing what worked best, before pinpointing at what point in the script certain things happened. This was a fairly technical process where we relied on Nikki (our wonderful director) to let us know what looked best.

After this, we had a bit of a thinking session, using the metaphor of islands to explore the character of Spoonface Steinberg. This was really interesting, as we all picked up on different aspects of her personality. 

For the final part of our rehearsal, we practised one of the movement sections in the piece. This particular movement section utilises religious movements from Judaism. I had unfortunately missed the rehearsal where we originally learnt this section, so the group taught me the choreography. I think everyone found this bit quite hard, who knew moving and talking at the same time would be difficult! By the end of the session though, everyone was feeling a lot more confident and by showtime, I'm sure it will be second nature.

I'm looking forward to the run-through next week, and I can't wait for the show!

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