Theatre Thinker Stan Healey reviews Alice in Wonderland

"Alice in Wonderland is a classic children's book written by Lewis Carroll. This year Derby Theatre took a modern and contemporary approach to the story. The set was an interesting mix of large set pieces (although simple), as well as projection mapping on a screen that blended into the set; which at many times added to the whole feel of the scene, and didn’t take away from what was happening on the stage. The lead role actors were very good and had a lot of energy, but the young actors were very enthusiastic as well as energetic and did really stand out in the play and I wouldn’t be surprised if they get lead roles in the near future. The mixture of live music helped break up the play, and help it transition quickly scene to scene, but I wasn’t too keen on the rap as I have seen an awful lot of Honey G this year so I did find it slightly overly cringey, but nevertheless the other songs were enjoyable and very, very catchy! 

In the play, there were several great scenes, but the most visually spectacular had to be aerobatics, which was breathtaking and very impressive, and was something unique to a Christmas show! To improve, though I felt there needed to be a few more jokes, and I also didn’t feel like it was very Christmassy at all. The adaptation, though, I felt that it worked well, but got confusing at times (maybe due to me not being very used to the original story), and was more suited to a younger audience (especially the jokes).

I’d definitely recommend you come and see Alice in Wonderland this Christmas, as it’ll be a great family evening out, and will put a smile on all the families faces! I am very excited for Peter Pan next year!"

Stan Healey, Theatre Thinker at Derby Theatre