What makes us a Learning Theatre? Internships

My Marketing Internship with Derby Theatre

By Samuel Fretwell

As a young, budding marketing wannabe, I was lucky enough to be given an amazing opportunity with Derby Theatre’s marketing department, to help with the run-up to Departure Lounge, their annual performance festival.

My week started full-on, with setting up posters and flyers all over the building and creating displays in the foyers, where I was given complete artistic control (apologies to everyone’s eyes). I even got to design some flyers, which I must admit, I was proud of seeing them spread around the building, being picked up by customers and others appreciating my work. I felt I had made a small difference to the space which gave me a big sense of achievement.

As well as learning about Performance Marketing, I’ve also been able to pick up on the day-to-day lives of the people that work at the Theatre and just how much work actually goes on ‘behind the scenes’ (which is a huge amount) and how colossal the building really is. Jam packed with Dressing rooms, rehearsal spaces, studios, storage closets, green rooms, massive workshops and obviously the tremendous Theatre Space itself.

I myself wanted to focus on the social and digital elements of marketing. This is where we use Social media, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to engage with audiences and tell them about up and coming Performances and events, as well as emails and other Digital platforms. I spent some time with Hannah (the Marketing Assistant) and had some great sessions with her, focusing on the social and digital marketing elements, as well as some Photoshop and video editing, which I know I’ll be able to use in the near future – Thank you Hannah!

On top of all this, it was really nice to familiarise myself with the backstage areas of the building as, in September, I will be performing here in West Side Story with Derby Youth Musical Theatre, so I found it great to be able to walk around and explore the space.

Tickets for West Side Story are available to buy here.