What makes us a Learning Theatre? An introduction from Student Ambassador, Charlie

Student Ambassador, Charlie Ayers, tells us about her experiences at Derby Theatre so far...

Introduce yourself and how you are involved in learning at Derby Theatre?

Hi, my names Charlie Ayers and I am a student ambassador for Derby Theatre as well a being a second-year student currently studying Contemporary Theatre and Performance. As part of my ambassador scheme I will be writing blogs on what makes us a learning theatre!

How did you first get involved with Derby Theatre?

When researching for where to go for university I fell in love with Derby since they have a theatre available for me to have my lectures in. It is such a fantastic opportunity to be able to learn around professionals and gain contacts from just simply going to my lectures. On my first day at the university we had a tour and ever since it has become my second home!

Can you tell us about what sort of things you have been a part of?

I have had many opportunities for free workshops and shows and have attended some such as; working with Shakespeare text and stage fighting. The university and theatre work incredibly close together and have even given me the chance to sit on in professional rehearsals, work closely with a theatre company whilst they devised for a show and be a runner on a film set.

What is your favourite thing in relation to Derby theatre being a learning theatre?

There is always someone new to meet and something new to be involved with. Everyone is happy to grab a coffee and have a chat! The theatre allows for even the youngest members to gain experience and I have really appreciated the support from all Derby Theatre staff; it is important that young people are encouraged to be in an arts environment, especially when drama is unfortunately being reduced from school curriculums across the country.

Has it influenced what you want to do in future?

Yes, definitely! The theatre has given me the ability to try anything I want to even if I haven’t experienced it before, plus everyone is happy to let you have a go! I have gained a much broader sense of different areas of theatre that I enjoy, and I am sure that acting is going to be prominent in my life whichever path I choose to take.

Keep an eye out on more blogs from Charlie on what makes us a learning theatre coming soon! To find out more about our learning programme and how you can get involved, see here.