Work Experience at Derby Theatre - Final Day - Luca Panetta

What a great, and brilliant week I have had at Derby Theatre! I had a truly exciting, and jam-packed week on my work experience. Working with all departments was extremely useful and eye opening for the future. It totally fulfilled my expectation of work experience and beyond, it was definitely an opportunity and experience that I will never forget. 
Some of the many things I got up to during the week were; writing these blogs with marketing and looking at how they create the email newsletters, having a morning inside rehearsals of Derby Theatre’s RETOLD production of Jinny, running a part of the 8-10 Youth Theatre, working with Front of House creating the displays, writing a description of Departure Lounge for the brochure, working with Technical, helping focusing lights and observing many other technical jobs across the theatre, and finally creating a presentation for some of the staff about my week, also sharing what I have done so far on my art’s award, and finally a monologue I wrote inspired by the production of Look Back In Anger which will be at Derby Theatre in March. I also attended a Theatre Thinkers session where we discussed deisgn ideas for their show I Am England and Spoonface Steinberg, and started to mind map ideas for the poster based on what we discussed.
It’s been a valuable and fantastic experience, which has taught me so much, and will help me in the future!
Luca Panetta, 14

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