Accessible Performances

Derby Theatre is offering the following Accessible performances in 2019.

What Fatima Did...

BSL Interpreted: Saturday 2 March, 7:30pm

Pink Lemonade

Captioned by Difference Engine & BSL Interpreted by Stacey Green: Friday 1 March, 8:00pm

I Ain't Afraid Of No Ghost

Captioned by Difference Engine: Saturday 2 March, 8:00pm

The Isle Of Brimsker

All performances are suitable for those with profound and mulitple learning disabilites

Avenue Q

BSL Interpreted: Wednesday 20 March, 7:30pm


Pepper & Honey

BSL Interpreted (show and post show) & Captioned by Difference Engine: Saturday 30 March, 3:30pm

The Jungle Book

All performances have fully integrated BSL Interpretration and Captioning, and will also be Audio Described.

Audio Described Performances: Pre-recorded description on all performances from Wednesday 10 April
Live Audio described performances, with Touch Tours before the show:
Saturday 13 April, 1:30pm & Thursday 18 April, 1:30pm

Relaxed Performance: Sunday 14 April, 1:30pm

Dementia Friendly: Wednesday 17 April, 1:30pm

An Indian Abroad

Captioned by Difference Engine: Saturday 13 April, 8:00pm


Please be aware that we hold Touch Tours one hour before the start of each Audio Described performance. Find out more below. 

Audio Described Performances

Ideal for blind and partially sighted people, audio description is a form of audio-visual translation that uses the natural pauses in dialogue and critical sound elements to provide a live verbal commentary through a personal headset. All of Derby Theatre's in-house productions are audio described, as well as some touring productions. 

Touch Tours

A touch tour enables blind and partially sighted people to explore and familaries themselves with the stage, props and costumes before seeing a show. Touch Tours are free and take place 1 hour before an audio described performance starts. Please advise Box Office if you would like a touch tour when booking an audio described performance.

BSL Interpreted Performances

Provided for people for whom British Sign Language is their first language. Please let Box Office know where you would like to sit: directly in front of the interpreter or on the opposite side, looking across the stage/action. 

Captioned Performances

Provided for Deaf, hard of hearing or deafened people. Captioning converts spoken word into text and is presented on a screen at the side of the stage. Captioned performances are currently available for some productions in the studio. We are in the process of buying captioning equipment, which will enable us to caption Derby Theatre's in-house productions.

Captioning using the Difference Engine

Some performances provide captioning using the Difference Engine - a tool that can be downloaded onto your smart phone or tablet prior to the show. 

  • Please try to arrive 30 minutes before the show so that we have time to give clear instructions to each individual audience member
  • The captioning is streamed directly to your phone so we recommend that your mobile device is fully charged prior to the performance
  • There will be battery packs available for audience members whose phone is low on battery
  • This is not a replacement for BSL and we appreciate it will not be suitable for all d/Deaf audiences

Relaxed Performances

We offer relaxed performances that are aimed to appeal to audience members who are on the autistic spectrum or have sensory sensitivities, or those who would benefit from a more relaxed atmosphere as regards to making noise or moving around. 

Each relaxed performance will be adapted for the specific needs of the audience – house lights may remain on at a low level throughout, other lighting effects will be toned down and the volume of sound effects reduced. Audience members will also be free to leave the auditorium during the performance and a ‘chill out’ area will be available.

Support materials such as a visual story and a synopsis of the production are made available before each relaxed performance. All of these adaptations are intended to make the theatrical experience less stressful for our patrons with specific needs.

Dementia Friendly Performances

Performances that are carefully tailored so people living with dementia and their families and carers can enjoy the magic of a festive theatre trip in a supportive environment.

We are already pretty laid back at Derby Theatre, but there will be a more relaxed attitude to leaving and re-entering the theatre and making noise, the house lights will be kept slightly on and there will be a quiet space available for use at any time before, during and after the show. There will also be plenty of our friendly staff available to offer assistance on the day too, including staff who are Dementia Friends.

If you do have any questions regarding access, parking or familiarisation tickets please do email us at