Scratch That Itch: Spring Surprise

Our Spring Scratch Night!
Studio , New Writing
Saturday 3 March 2018

Our Spring Scratch Night, offering a selection of new work from the most exciting artists in the region. This is a chance for artists to try out new ideas in front of an audience and for audiences to feed into the development of the next big thing! 

Tickets: £5

 We are excited to announce that the following artists will be scratching with us this Spring: 

Simon Bailey - Shouting to Myself 

Rob Jordan is a lazy and cowardly teacher who essentially fears and hates pupils, schools and hard work. He could be the poster child for any governmental campaigns attempting to justify lowering teacher wages. Yet, as he flounders and struggles daily against feral Millennials, audiences may occasionally experience unexpected bouts of sympathy. Or alternatively, they could have tabloid-fuelled convictions confirmed; that teachers are indeed overpaid egotists who really don’t deserve such long holidays.

Claire Gaydon - How to Live Forever

Being a content creator on YouTube is one of the most accessible hobbies and career choices available and you don’t need any qualifications to do it!! All you need is enthusiasm, a camera and internet connection. How to Live Forever explores our realtionship with identity, performance and YouTube.

Helen Solomon - One Lady Driver

As Trish approaches the menopause she puts her life under the microscope. lt looks like she's got everything - a nice house, doting husband, two big kids - but keeping up the facade is hard work and Trish is about to crack. When her best friend encourages her to follow a menopause self-help plan, Hatching the Hag, Trish finds herself on an unstoppable journey along a path she never expected. An existential comedy about one woman's mid-life crisis, One Lady Driver takes its hat off to mid-lifers, and bows to a woman who, despite all the odds, never gives up.

Pariah Khan - An Indian Abroad

Sacred places. Mythical structures with healing powers. Nando's.

Stifled by life in middle-class India, Krishnan is desperate to see more of the world, so he takes a year out from his studies to visit the exotic island of Great Britain.

Love, dodgy restaurants and the EDL all await An Indian Abroad.

"A generous and hilarious writer and performer with a keen eye for detail and impeccable comic timing. He has a big future ahead of him" - Nikesh Shukla, Editor of The Good Immigrant

NotNow Collective - Pepper & Honey

Pepper and Honey  is a solo multisensory piece, a story about the experience of migration of 3 generations in one family - grandmother, mother and daughter. Migration is as old as the world, but the daughter in the story is facing the question: as a European in post-Brexit UK, should she stay or should she go?


Running time: