Studio , Drama
Sunday 27 May 2018

1945: a land fit for heroes - this time? A powerful and engaging story of a post-war Yorkshire mining family, coming to terms with life and love in their rapidly changing world and a new Britain and told with warmth, humour and authenticity.

(4* ReviewsHub; “poignant and moving” Buxton Fringe)

Tom Mason returns from the war to the arms of his grateful mother and fiancée – and to the bosom of the pit. His father George fights his own battles and an election to secure a better future for his union men and their families. Connie mourns, loves and unites; Liz sees a new world, brim-full of opportunity.

In a new Britain, will their hopes and dreams be reconciled?

Ray Castleton’s powerful play is based on extensive research and the true stories of those who lived through the period. On Behalf of The People reveals how millions of people in mining communities were affected by the end of the war, coal nationalisation and the huge period of social change which impacted on their lives, love, hopes and dreams.