Two: The view from an Experience Seat

By Student Ambassador – Charlie Ayers.

Two  was an exploration of erratic relationships taking the audience on an emotional rollercoaster in a short 90-minute performance. In just one evening Jim Cartwright’s play features fourteen diverse characters played by just two actors. Each couple no matter how varying all pulled up a stool and let us take a peek into their lives.

The success of the play lay highly on the characterization of each actor with the impressive ability to convey clearly to the audience. Switching from a bawdy humour to a heart wrenching tragedy in the change of a jacket or a ruffle of the hair, the pair plunge in and out of many varying lives, inhabiting each one completely before effortlessly gliding into the next.

This incredible performance was highlighted by the opportunity of an ‘experience seat’. One which was unique and immersed me into the action from the moment I took my seat. Sat at a traditional small pub table with a stool, warmth radiated from the candle in front of me whilst I experienced the chance to be in with the action. Placed upon the stage you feel integrated within the actors which allowed for you to easily forget it was theatre but ended up like you were just having a friendly conversation. When topics would change to a deeper mark you felt compelled to help but then suddenly must bring yourself back to reality.

The spectacular performance was highlighted by a fully functioning pub, even useable for experience seat owners in the interval. Paired with a pre-show delicious meal of pie, steaming veg and creamy mash this experience is definitely unforgettable.

A well worth chance, snatch it up whilst you can. Derby Theatre’s ‘Two’ plays 2nd March – 24th March.

You can find out more about the experience seats and book your ticket to see Two, here.

Two on-stage bar set