Peter Pan video library

Behind the Scenes - Photoshoot

Seen our amazing Peter Pan posters and wondered how we did? Well here you go! Have a look behind the scenes at the Peter Pan photo shoot...

Behind the Scenes - Trailer Shoot

Have a look at our highlights from the Peter Pan trailer shoot, including setting up, make-up and costumes and filming on the set!

Behind the Scenes - Meet and Greet

Have a look at what we got up to during the meet & greet for Peter Pan! This is where we meet the cast, see the set and costume designs, hear the songs and read through the script for the first time!

Behind the Scenes - Costume

Join Tim, our Head of Wardrobe, as he carries out costume fittings with the Peter Pan cast, talks us his designs, influences and more!

Behind the Scenes - First full cast rehearsal

Have a look inside the rehearsal room as the cast and young company rehearse together for the first time!

Behind the Scenes - Props

We chat to our Stage Management team, who tell us about the props being made for Peter Pan! Watch out for more about the set and Stage Management coming soon!

Behind the Scenes - Tech Week

Have a look at our amazing technical team putting together the set for Peter Pan.

Behind the Scenes - Tech Week - Part Two

In this behind the scenes video, we give you a glimpse into technical and dress rehearsals for Peter Pan!

Behind the Scenes - Get Ready With Us

Our three leading ladies from Peter Pan - Liz (Tiger Lily & Mrs Darling), Sally-Ann (Wendy) and Esme (Tinkerbell), let us into their dressing room as they get ready for the show! Follow them round backstage and see their view from the wings during a show!