Raze Up: Showcase

Raze Collective
Saturday 27 April 2019

Queer Performance Showcase - Saturday 27 April, 8pm

An evening of some of the UK’s newest, brightest, and badass queer performers. Raze Collective have commissioned exciting queer performers from around the country to create anything from high-brow performance art darling to a bloody good night out. Join us for Raze Collective’s first ever commission showcase and see three new pieces of risk-taking, celebratory and innovative new performance in one night.

Featuring three of the Raze Up Commissioned Artists:

Lasana Shabazz (London) - Black Unicorns - what the artist says about the piece: Black Unicorns will also be a multidisciplinary performance merging theatre, dance, music production, lip-syncing, spoken word, visual art, make up and costume design and construction. Black Unicorns explores QTIPOC experiences and their coping mechanism to deal with colonial ideas of beauty and racism in society and mainstream LGBTQI spaces.

Clumsy Bodies (London) - Untitled - what the artist says about the piece: We would like to explore the perpetuation of the ‘think of the children’ narrative, the rhetoric feedback loop between the media and wider society, and deconstruct why the innocent child is contrasted with the sexual deviant to dehumanize trans people and take away our rights. 

Erinn Dhesi (West Midlands) - How to Find your Future (Queer) Girlfriend - a faux TED talk for all gay girls aged 18-25. 

Samra Mayanja and Samuel Lanchin, samOne samTwo (Leeds) - Untitled - What the artist says about the piece: A durational movement piece which explores what it is to exist, dream and strive in England as queer second generation migrants.

Raze Up Network 


Join Raze and other queer performers to hear from award-winning queer artists and find out what’s going on in your city! A great opportunity to learn and network.