REPRESENT: Queer Artist Showcase

Studio Theatre , New Writing
Friday 19 July 2019

Part of Departure Lounge Festival 2019

Friday 19 July, 3:30pm - 5pm
Venue: Studio Theatre
Work-In-Progress/Midlands Work

A celebratory showcase featuring three groundbreaking performances from LGBTQ+ theatre-makers.

Represent Showcase name by artist Lauren Nicole Whitter, highlighting works that are underrepresented on stages.

Fashion Spies

by Quick Duck Theatre

It’s the annual Burnwell upon Twynne fashion week and neither the stakes nor the shoulder-pads have ever been higher. At fashion weeks across the globe, expensive must-have items have been knicked and our top secret agents have been kidnapped leaving YOU, the undergraduate class of the spy academy, to solve the case!

Quick Duck Theatre are a Birmingham based company that make interactive shows with a fun and comic twist to create unforgettable live experiences. Fashion Spies is their third show following Magic Hour: The Murder Mystery Disco (The Night Owl, NSDF) and Yours Sincerely (Birmingham REP, VAULTS Festival).


by Adam Carver

Kath by Adam Carver

Kath is 92.
Kath only ever wears purple.
Kath gives out kit-kats to everyone she meets.
Kath once threatened to kill her step-mother.
Kath is a homophobe.
Kath has dementia.
Kath is my Nanna.
Kath is dead.
Kath never knew I was queer.

As Kath started to lose herself, I started to find myself.

Grab a kit-kat and join us in the living-room for a cabaret journey through our lives. Punctuated with powerhouse musical numbers, lip-sync, recorded interview and glitter, KATH explores memory-loss, shame, and the healing powers of a chocolate covered wafer biscuit. 

Adam Carver is a midlands based theatre maker and creative producer.

He makes projects which use performance to think about queerness, community, and making change. Adam is on a mission to celebrate low-culture and camp and to use them as weapons to disrupt normatively – expect power ballads, gameshows, politics, glitter.

Before the Flagz

by Mika Johnson

Shuv It - Departure Lounge

X is stuck, they are incubated in a sunken chamber, with an android and a skateboard.

They aren’t quite sure how long they’ve been there but does it really matter?
Reliving events and memories, X is lost and is trying to find a way out. 

Before the Flagz explores feminism and relearning, reimagining, reclaiming, through sound, music and movement it aims to bring awareness to the teachings of many black femmes and the importance of their work.

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Running time: 
90 minutes