REPRESENT - A Women of Colour Showcase

, Studio
Friday 20 July 2018

Part of Departure Lounge Festival 2018

Friday 20 July 
Studio, 3.30pm – 5pm
These performances will be BSL Intepreted and Captioned using the Difference Engine

whatsthebigmistry - Tropical Awkward Bast*rd

When did hospitality turn to hostility?

A Pineapple, a Bunch of Bananas, a Tropical Juice, Carton, One Sharp Cleaver and a Tutu.

This project originates as a Bold Provocative Rant about being misrepresented in the world, while ticking all the right boxes. Mistry asks what happens when we dissect the spoken and visual languages through which we see the world?

Age Guidance: 16+ Contains adult themes. 

Photo credit: DWC Imagery

Tropical Awkard Bast*rd - Departure Lounge 2018

Lauren Nicole Whitter - Mental

Mental is a show about real issues, such as suicide and race which includes puppetry, physical theatre and spoken word and which starts in a casual front room.

This piece is very close to Lauren’s heart and she feels that it is a story that needs to be shared. Lauren wants to eliminate the stigma around mental health!

Age Guidance: 16+ Contains scenes of a sexual nature and strong adult language.

Mental- Departure Lounge 2018

Mia Johnson - Pink Lemonade

Pink Lemonade is a solo piece of experimental theatre which explores female masculinity, sexuality and identity. Through autobiographical experiences it aims to humour the audience as well as provoke reflective thought by creating a fusion of poetry, movement and sound.

Age Guidance: 16+. Contains strong language and adult themes.

Pink Lemonade - Departure Lounge 2018

Michelle Vacciana - She Came From Inner Space

An extract of new writing that has been inspired by dreams, clairvoyance, hearing things and traversing the physical realm with an ethereal mind. 

Our character talks us through a journey where she attempts to make sense and meaningful connection between her outer worlds and inner spaces. 

As an Earth child she was encouraged to live in a world of dreams where you could dare to fly, talk with angels, wish on a star and be rescued from monsters. But as time has moved on she is condensed down into a box that has no time or space for wonderment, where she must no longer fly and the monsters are closing in...

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