Scratch Night

Sunday 5 November 2017

Our seasonal scratch night offers a selection of new work from the most exciting artists in the region. This is a chance for artists to try out new ideas in front of an audience and for audiences to feed into the development of the next big thing! This time we have the following artists;


Split Lip – Breached

How far are you willing to go to be happy? Susan is trapped in an abusive relationship but when she meets Kelly it seems like the perfect opportunity for them both to start again. It’s a chance for them both to be happy and have all they’ve ever wanted.

But things don’t turn out that way as they end up wrapped inside an ever expanding fantasy life which spills over into reality, rapidly escalating and having dangerous repercussions.

Breached is a visceral performance which explores adult themes and asks challenging questions about aspects of life which mainstream society values most


 breached image


Liam Geary Baulch- Sea Squad

Sea Squad are cheerleaders against climate change. Taking action as a team in formation, they gather momentum, inviting all people to cheer with them, mimicing the infinitely expandable nature of the seas molecular structure. The project of artist Liam Geary Baulch has been performed internationally in multiple languages. As the sea’s temperature increases so does it’s mass, will we wait for the rising sea level or the rising of the masses before we act on Climate Change?

Sea Squad have an answer: “Let’s chant it, let’s rhyme it, let’s cheer to save the climate! Goooo Sea Rise Rise Rise!”


 A man in drag holding a political climate change image

Purple Theatre – Boxes

 Are you a boy or a girl… black or white… straight or gay? Well? Or does it matter? Oh, it matters! Purple Theatre are dedicated to exploring the world of race and gender neutrality, the ‘no man’s land’, as it were, of identity. BOXES energetically drops you into the world of two people who, faced with organising a loved one’s affairs after their death, discover a wealth of information about their family and themselves. Featuring music, movement and sharp dialogue, the two polar personalities clash as they realise they are very different and exactly the same. Strap yourself in!


Boxes by purple theatre


Edward Day/ Edalia - Too Pretty To Punch

A one person, kickass celebration of trans-visibility and self acceptance. We judge so much of a person’s worth on how masculine or feminine someone is. We say things like “don’t worry, wearing pink doesn’t make you any less of a man,” where by man we human being. After two years writing songs and poems about gender, toxic masculinity, outdated notions of femininity, finding your place in the world and wrestling with gender dysphoria Too Pretty To Punch is an exploration of the wider world, exploring what it means to live and survive in between society’s rigid gender binary.

@DAYofED @ladyedalia





1623 – Lady M

Shane is working on a new act as he waits for his boyfriend to come round for dinner. Combining his passions for circus and Shakespeare, he creates an anxious tightrope-walking drag queen called Lady M. As he does so, he attempts to work out where his obsession with Lady Macbeth comes from, how her story relates to him, the women in his life and his own identity. With anxiety and euphoria, serpents and flowers, blood and water, can Lady M’s body and spirit conjoin to complete her act without falling off?

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a tattoo picture of a snake