Scratch Night Watch Party - Our Diana and It's Nice to See You

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Tuesday 23 February 2021

In November 2020, IGC hosted Scratch that Itch: Go The Distance at Nonsuch Studios and, seeing as the pandemic prevented us from having an audience at the time, we wanted to create a chance to receive feedback from peers.

We are excited to host two Scratch Night Watch Parties via zoom. This is a chance to collectively watch the performances, hear about the shows direct from the artist, and have the chance to offer feedback, thoughts and ideas.

Each evening will have two performances:

Tuesday 23 February, 7.30pm - 9.00pm - FREE
Our Diana by Lucy Haighton and Adele Wragg
It’s Nice To See You by Elliott Rennie/Adam Boakes

To book the event on Thursday 25 February click here

Each performance evening will have a separate booking link, so if you want to join us for both, make sure to book on for each evening. Limited spaces are available.

You will receive an email with the zoom details on the afternoon of each sharing.

Any questions, or accessibility requests, please email Soph (

Copy of each performance: 

Our Diana by Lucy Haighton and Adele Wragg

Our Diana is a tribute – not to Diana, Princess of Wales – but to the endless public opinions and media articles broadcast every week since her death and how absurd we would find it if these things were said about a normal everyday person. The show is about the many ways we choose to remember her and is also about the British public, online commentary and wanting to feel part of something.

Using found text and inspired by genuine tributes, Our Diana imagines a memorial service where all opinions of The People’s Princess are allowed to be aired. Themes of love and obsession, grief and loss, wit and sarcasm combine here in a quest to understand why everyone is an expert and critic when it comes to our princess, Our Diana.

It’s nice to see you A new British musical by Elliott Rennie & Adam Boakes

Sam and J have a chance meeting on a morning commute. From this, it becomes apparent that they haven’t spoken since their relationship ended nearly two years ago.

Through the course of the piece, we uncover more about their memories of the relationship, their misunderstandings, and how they have felt since parting ways. This concludes in the two characters confessing all they wished they had said to one another before we, the audience, watch the real interaction as they disembark.

The characters in the musical are not defined by their gender, age, sexual preference or ethnicity.

For this showing, we are presenting ‘The Truth’ from the end of the piece.