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Tuesday 10 May 2022

Ever thought you should run the world, even though you’re ‘only fourteen and a girl’?

Priya and Lou have. And they’re ready to bite back against any adult who doubts them. Armed with a backpack full of Pop-tarts and a hunger to tackle climate change, they embark on a covert expedition into the wild.

 But when the wilderness closes in around them, can Lou and Priya overcome their differences to make their voices heard?

 Somewhere between Booksmart, Little Miss Sunshine and Thelma & Louise, SHEWOLVES is an uplifting, funny and empowering play about forging friendships when you’re a bit weird, the power of hope and the underestimated smartness of teens.

WE ARE SHEWOLVES & The Gramophones Theatre Company present:


A pack of local female and non-binary teenagers raise their voices together in an original performance piece. Led by the group and with support from professional theatre artists, WOLFPACK is a howl that demands to be heard.

WOLFPACK is presented as a short pre-show performance, followed by SHEWOLVES. After the play, a young local band will perform a set to close the evening.

Age Restriction: 12+