The Derby Theatre Children's Appeal

Do you remember the first play you ever saw? Do you remember what it felt like to fall in love with the theatre? We think that’s probably one of the best feelings in the world, and no child should have to spend their whole life waiting for it.

Derby Theatre has launched the Children's Appeal to make sure they don’t have to. There are over 50,000 children in Derby. 30% of them are living in poverty. 19% are in receipt of Free School Meals. The Derby Theatre Children's Appeal will raise enough money for every 4 - 18 year old in receipt of Free School Meals in Derby to join us to experience the magic of theatre up-close - but we need your help!

Childhood is an adventure into the imagination, and the theatre makes that adventure even more exciting. Getting involved with the arts is proven to build confidence, empathy, and creativity in young people, and help them develop a wide range of transferable skills. With your support, we’ll make sure that no child in our city grows up in cultural poverty.

If you choose to become a Friend of Derby Theatre, you’ll have the opportunity to make a contribution to our Children's Appeal when you sign up. You don’t have to become a Friend to make life a little bit brighter for families in Derby, though. No matter the size and shape, your donation makes you a hero in our eyes.

At Derby Theatre, we want every child to know how it feels to fall in love with the theatre. Let’s make it happen.