The Street of Crocodiles

University of Derby Contemporary Theatre & Performance and Technical Theatre Students
University Productions , Drama
Saturday 28 April 2018

Poland, 1934. Joseph, a lonely Jewish boy, creates a world finely balanced between recollection and make-believe. 

Trapped in the ghetto with nothing but books and his daydreams, Joseph delves deep into the inner workings of his mind, conjuring tales of his family and other familiar characters as they figure in his imagination. Objects can take on lives of their own and people can morph into animals as the disrupted narrative plays out.

Based on Bruno Schulz’s recollections of life in a small Polish town leading up to the War and Nazi occupation, The Street of Crocodiles is a modern adaptation of Complicite’s 1999 blend of text and physical theatre. Layering the passions of three generations of artists: Schulz; Complicite and the current Ensemble, this 1937 collection of short stories pushes the boundaries of reality and slips increasingly into the fantasy world envisioned by the protagonist.

By Bruno Schulz

Adapted by Simon McBurney and Mark Wheatley