The #ThisIsDerby Qualitative Cohort Study

This study, commencing in 2020 as a legacy of the #ThisIsDerby evaluation and to run alongside the Reimagine and Derby CAN evaluations, will follow a cohort of young people as they engage with the project and develop their artistic skills and aspirations.

The project will track a cohort of 20 young people and their families as they grow up, charting their aspirations, hopes and fears for the future and their experience of education and the workplace.  It will be participatory, young people and the families involved will help shape the content of the research and tell us about their interests. 

Artists and cultural producers will be help to collect and analyse data and produce research outputs, alongside the young people and their families.  In line with the aims of Reimagine and Derby CAN the project will help to tell the stories of the participants as they develop. It will be interactive and artistic. 

Artistic outputs will be produced along the way and recordings of verbatim theatre productions will be used to disseminate the findings. 

Our ambition, if funding allows, is to track this cohort of young people for a generation, in order that we can truly see the potential impact of our programmes on social mobility.