Learning Theatre - Secondary School Workshops

We have developed a highly successful programme of workshops to complement our productions that are suitable for GCSE and A Level students who are looking for live theatre experiences to draw upon for their courses.

The following workshops will be available alongside our productions of One Man, Two Guvnors, A Christmas Carol (excludes Playback), Macbeth and Crongton Knights.


A chance to see the actors replay key moments from the show, but this time with direction from your students.

Playback helps GCSE and A-level students with their live theatre review as they explore the considerations behind character, story and production elements.

Suitable for: KS3 – KS5

Duration: 45 minutes (including a short break post performance)

Cost: Free when you book to see the show.

Production and Interpretation Workshop

An insight into the production elements that went into making the show. This can be helpful for GCSE/A Level Drama Live

Review and builds students’ knowledge and understanding of how text is communicated and interpreted.

Suitable for: KS4 - KS5

Duration: 2 hours

Cost: £160

Exploring the Text Workshop

Students will work with both script and improvisation to understand the features of this classic piece, practically exploring text, themes and characters to support with those studying the text(s) for GCSE English Literature.

Suitable for: KS4 - KS5

Duration: 2 hours

Cost: £160