Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Scheme

Information on the Sunflower Initiative

The Sunflower Badge is an Initiative based on the national Sunflower Lanyard Scheme. Derby Theatre have worked with Derby University’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion team to roll this scheme out to our audiences, visitors, staff, artists and young people.

Sunflower badges and lanyards are for people who have a hidden disability. They make others aware that they may have additional needs and/or require additional help or support.

What is a Hidden Disability?

A hidden disability is a disability that isn’t always visible by looking at or talking to someone. This could be for example; autism, asthma, dementia, a mental health condition, a sensory loss or a physical disability that causes pain, fatigue or impacts on movement.

This is not an exhaustive list and there are many other hidden disabilities. Derby Theatre wants to support the needs of all who engage with us and create a welcoming, safe and supportive space for all in and out of our building.  

How Do I Get a Badge/Lanyard?

Be visible when you want to be. If you do wish to get one of our badges or lanyards please do ask a member of our Box Office or Front of House team or get in touch (details below).

These items will be available for audiences, visitors, staff, students and visiting companies (including cast and creatives) and is a scheme that requires no proof.

Derby Theatre are very happy to offer help, support and guidance to all customers.

This is a scheme that is not compulsory and we are sensitive to the needs of all our audiences, visitors and participants.

Derby Theatre staff are aware of this scheme and understands not everybody who has a hidden disability requires additional support and not everybody who requires additional support will wear a sunflower badge therefore, we understand the importance of being sensitive and to not make assumptions about what people need.

If you do want any further information about this scheme or how it can affect you please get in touch with our Operations and Access Manager, Andrew Tinley on a.tinley@derby.ac.uk , 01332593948, 07717 346 964 (text service only).