Marathon Read-a-Thon for Brig-Aid

Artists and Companies will be taking it in turns to reinterpret a well know text
Derby Theatre Productions ,
Saturday 21 July 2018
Marathon Read-a-Thon for Brig-Aid.
Saturday 21st July 1pm-4pm & 7pm-9pm
In Good Company simply wouldn't exist without  Derby Theatre's Artistic Director Sarah Brigham and Departure Lounge seemed like the best time for artists to get involved with Brig-Aid's fundraising efforts to help raise money for Sarah's cancer treatment. How you ask? the best way we know - by putting artists in a room and seeing what happens! Throughout Saturday 21st of July, different artists can sign up to perform and reinterpret one of Sarah Brighams favourite plays - Europe by David Grieg. Each artist or Company will have an hour to give their playfull rendition of the critically acclaimed play, before a the next company arrives to pick up where they left off.


Are you interested in performing for an hour? Then sign up by e-mailing


You can read more about Brig-Aid and the cause here - 

Running time: 
six hours

In Good Company